Polished Plaster

Polished Plaster

Polished Plaster really is the ultimate product in high-end bespoke design. Also referred to as Venetian Plaster, the term covers a range of decorative plaster finishes using both traditional and modern forms of Italian plastering.

Venetian plaster dates back thousands of years, it has been found to have been used in ancient Egypt and Greece but is known for gaining its popularity in Venice some 2000 years ago by the architect Vitruvius. This ancient wall finish, made from a lime based putty mixed with marble provides natural antibacterial properties making it resistant to mould and meldew, it is not only waterproof but actually hardens over time making it one of the most durable high end wall finishes available on the market.

Polished plaster is available in a variety of finishes, patterns and textures, and can be tinted or coloured to match any RAL number. Whether it is a highly polished Marmorino, a matte textured pitted finish or a metallic masterpiece, there is something to suit any taste

At WonderWall Venetian, we only use authentic polished plaster and never synthetic alternatives which would fade with time. It is the combination of using the best products available and highly skilled techniques which allow us to create our high-end bespoke designs which will stand the test of time.

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