Microcement is a global trending decorative micro coating, which is composed of high-performance cement, mixed with polymers, ultra-fine aggregates, additives and natural colour pigments.

Unlike polished concrete, Microcement is applied at a thickness of just 2-3mm and requires no expansion joints. It is these features that allow the artisan who applies it to create a seamless concrete like finish anywhere in the home, without the additional weight and structural issues that can come with using concrete itself. In addition, Microcement can adhere to almost any surface, meaning existing tiles, metal, plastic or plasterboard (to name a few) can be used as the sub- base for the product saving on construction cost and making it a go to product for interior designers during renovations. 

As with Tadelakt, Microcement is low maintenance and can be cleaned using just water and a neutral soup. The finished product is sealed resulting in a waterproof finish which can not only be used on walls, floors, wet rooms and swimming pools but also externally on areas such as terraces and to create unique pieces of furniture throughout the home.

Using Microcement for flooring

A floor laid with Microcement gives the crisp look and feel of solid concrete but with a depth of only 2-3mm and it looks fabulous on walls too.

When it comes to using this unique material for flooring, we are able to give your surfaces a polished concrete look in record time. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a range of versatile textured finishes in either satin, matt or gloss.

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Recent Microcement projects

Above: Here is a sample recent Microcement Flooring project we have undertaken, pictured during the fit out stage within the property.

Above: Here is a wet room we undertook using Microcement. This finish further highlights the versatile nature of this finish and the types of finishes achievable.

Above: This is a roof project we undertook on a beachside property at Camber Sands in East Sussex.